Benzy was one year old was not crawling, babbling or having eye to eye contact and did not respond to anything but toys with a sound.
When Benzy was two years old she was not able to walk or stand like other children. She would sit in the babysitter for hours and not crawl an inch. Left side of her body totally stiff.
With lot of musle tonning exercises, her left portion became less stiff. Benzy could manage to walk but did not make any effort to even move her hands as if they did not exist. Many times she would fall because of non-movement of hand from shoulders and there was no middle position of balancing.
She was four years old and we parents knew that she will be never like other children. By this time we had tried all therapies and special exercises given to us.
This is when we came to learn that lot of frustration was associated with each activity that Benzy was performing and it needs to be constantly removed every time.
Music therapy was practiced in India in a lighter way. It has the tendency to constantly remove frustration while performing a job activity and this proved to be an effective tool. We constantly played songs and rhymes and we found that we could get few jobs done by Benzy.
Slowly when she was five,we had kept a music teacher to teach Benzy formally Indian classical ragas. At first she did not respond and the teacher also complained that she was not attentive in her class.Though she was not paying any attention but the lyrics kept penetrating her mind. Atlast after two years she started responding.
There was no looking back since then. Her voice became clear louder which was otherwise feeble and seldom heard. She had given her first stage performance at the age of seven. Still she has not overcome and needs assistance in fooding, clothing and toileting, etc.
Despite having multi disability, Benzy had a cassette quality voice. So at the age of nine we had gone for her first cassette named "BASIC RAAGAS" In this Cassette Benzy has sung ten ragas. Interestingly all these ragas is sung by her in one sitting since she was not having any concept of Take-Retake. This cassette was appretiated by renowned singer Madam Subha Mudgal. By this time she was covered by all news paper dailies and most TV news channels. Recently IGNOU had made a documetory film on Benzy.

Thanks to movie of Sri Hritik Roshan 'Kaho Na Pyar Hai' which inspired her so much that Benzy started singing film play back songs with precision and melody. An MR child had her first fan poster of Hritik Ji. By the time she was nine & half yrs old she could play a synthesizer which had 75 keyboard with exact precision like big professionals. She has put herself in a category were a person can sing as well as play music simultaneously which very few 'normal professionals' can do.

The myth assiociated with these type of children that they cannot do anything is modified that with determination and patience these children can achieve which cannot be reached by 'normal' kids.

Recently b y the age of ten we had gone for her second cassette named "KOSHISH"which is launched in the market by Nupur Audio Company. This time she had sung ten film based "prathanas". This is the first experiment in which a MR child has sung on music track. We wish to spread this message far and wide that music has got lot of hidden powers in it.
Her voice was appreciated by all Pioneers of music field which includes Madam Lata mageskar, Madam Asha Bhonsle, Madam Anuradha Podwal,Sir Ravidra Jain ji, Sir Anand ji, Sir Anu Malik ji, Sir Suresh Wadkar ji, Madam Alka Yagnik, Sir Debu Chowdhary ji. We are thankful to great Sri Hritik Roshan who has given lot of time to Benzy. We are also thankful to Sri Rakesh Roshan ji to have humanitarian gesture to meet Benzy which clearly exihibits his greatness.

Benzy is a very special artist & her forte is music.she expresses herself through music. Indian classical ragas as music therapy were adopted full-flegedly on her in the younger age. This has given extraordinary result. Though her journey was not so smooth yet she has traveled a long way  her ability to inherit music and deliver in such away, which could rarely be done by the others at this tender age. Benzy has been learning classicals since age of five and giving public performances since the age of seven. Now she has grown and transformed herself into a young professional singer.

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