Prestetigous Three National Award, Limca Book of records,Zee Asstitva Award, Dr. Batra's Posstive Health Award and many more

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Music Album Released

Released Eight Music Album which is based on vocal Indian Classical, Instrumentals, Filmy  & Non Filmy.

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Autism / Music Therapy

Music is therapy and it is a Universal energy in the form of ragas Keeps the mind and body in good health. Benzy is a lively example.

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Benzy is a very special artist & her forte is music.she expresses herself through music. Indian classical ragas as music therapy were adopted full-flegedly on her in the younger age. This has given extraordinary result. Though her journey was not so smooth yet she has traveled a long way  her ability to inherit music and deliver in such away, which could rarely be done by the others at this tender age. Benzy has been learning classicals since age of five and giving public performances since the age of seven. Now she has grown and transformed herself into a young professional singer.

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