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Creating Magic with Music


Name :Banzy
Birthday :Banzy
Proffesciaanl :Musician
Nationality :INDIA
Gharna :Dumraon


Address :East Of Kailash, New Delhi
Mobile :+91-9650990880
Email :kkavita62@gmail.com
Website :www.benzymusic.com
Gharna :Dumraon

About Benzy

Benzy is a 14 years old girl with speccial needs. Her ability to inherit music and deliver in such away, which could rarely be done by the others at this tender age. Benzy has been learning classicals since age of five and giving public performances since the age of seven. Now she has grown and transformed herself into a young professional singer.

She has performed with a renowned Sunidhi Chauhan arranged by Idea Group.

Recently she performed at ‘Benzy's Nite’, entertaining thousands of people for about two hours. Also, she has sung some duet with professional singers. This was the rarest experiment which was successful, because a lot of coordination was requried.

Selected Work